Children too like good food!

Birthday parties can also be about good homely foods, made with good quality ingredients, no ugly additives.

Our comfort food as adults is what we used to eat as children. For their birthday, start creating the good habit of eating homemade food – and fond memories of scrumptious meals shared with friends.

From the classic shepherds pie, to the more daring fish pie, with peas, potatoes or both, any classic dish can be revisited to suit a child’s forming tastebuds, and his or her desire to pick and choose.

A few examples of what can be offered: Hachis parmentier (French version of shepherd’s pie). Gratin de coquillettes (French version of Macaroni and cheese). with or without ham). Homemade Pancake and/or tortilla bar, with a large choice of fillings, to satisfy all preferences Bite-sized homemade fish fingers or chicken nuggets. Crunchy vegetable basket with lots of colourful and tasty sauces. Salads of all sorts and preferences. A selection of fresh seasonnal fruit And of course, desserts!

All foods can be delivered to your chosen venue, with or without drinks (for the kids and their parents) if helpful.

Phone Whatsapp: 6054 3525 Email Hours Available everyday for enquiries, from 8am to 8pm.
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