Our little secret

When entertaining at home, whether we are great chefs or are helped by able hands, sometimes, we feel like a change. For no particular reason, just for the pleasure of it.

In that case, why not call on Le Bon Gout HK to prepare and (discreetly) deliver a main course, a starter or a dessert.

A Gigot de 7 heures (pictured), an osso bucco bianco, a daube de boeuf, a cassoulet, a blanquette de saumon, … many dishes can be prepared for a few guests or many. As many desserts or starters. Ideas of possibilities in the Dinner @ Home section.

Noone needs to know you did not make it from scratch. It will be our little secret.

Phone Whatsapp: 6054 3525 Email lebongouthk@gmail.com Hours Available everyday for enquiries, from 8am to 8pm.
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