Deliciously hassle-free Christmas meals

Christmas is about celebration and taking the time to enjoy gathering family and friends around great food and wines.

It can also be quite stressful, having to organise, shopping for ideal ingredients, putting orders through on time, finding the time and energy to prepare each and every dish.

Le Bon Gout has a suggestion: order in! You can get components of your planned menu:

Smoked salmon, raised in Scotland and smoked in Brittany.

Duck Foie Gras, raised in Les Landes (France) and prepared upon request in HK

Coucou de Rennes, a nearly-extinct poultry from Brittany, fed buttermilk to give a creamy texture to the meat. With or without stuffing.

You can also order the full menu:

Smoked salmon and blinis

Foie gras and brioche

Coucou de Rennes, with stuffing. And its gratin dauphinois and mushroom purée.

Truffled Brie with bread and crackers.

Carrot cake.

And either accompany this menu with your wines, or follow Le Bon Gout’s wine specialists recommendations.

Gift yourself a hassle free Christmas!

Phone Whatsapp: 6054 3525 Email Hours Available everyday for enquiries, from 8am to 8pm.
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