Vegetables are delicious!

In France, markets are brimming with ripe red, green or yellow peppers, with odorant herbs, with radishes of all shapes and sizes, more or less spicy. Courgettes and aubergines, tomatoes of all shapes, sizes and taste. Artichokes, small and big.

Regardless of the shear abundance of deliciously fresh and tasty vegetables, the French are not known for their vegetarian proposal.

In the repertoire of French bistro style foods, vegetarians can find new flavour combinations, just as savoury as the meat dishes.

At your home or at my private kitchen, vegetarians can enjoy a delicious variety of dishes:

Soups, cold and hot

Tomato parmesan crumble

Zucchini and feta clafoutis

Red bellpepper tarte tatin with balsamic reduction

Tian de legumes (oven roasted zucchinis, eggplants, tomatoes and onions) with feta

Piperade (oven roasted red peppers with tomato and garlic) with quails egg

And all desserts, from the traditional tarte au citron to the more exotic coconut panna cotta, all are suited for a delicious meal.

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